Cyber espionage may sound like some strangely exotic activity from the movies. However, the harsh reality is that almost any business can become a target – or can be damaged in the crossfire when cybercriminals launch an attack against another organization.

It’s largely immaterial whether your business is being directly targeted or just happens to suffer collateral damage as a result of getting caught up in another organization’s ‘battle’. Either way, the results can be devastating.

In this White Paper, Kaspersky Lab’s cyber security experts give you an insight into:

How businesses can suffer from direct – and indirect – cyber espionage attacks

  • What you can do to protect your business… and its hard-won reputation
  • How specific technologies can help defend your corporate network and data against sophisticated threats

The risks are real – and they’re growing in volume and sophistication.

To download the Kaspersky White Paper Click on this link: 003-34127_Cyber_Espionage_WhitePaper (1)