Steve Goodall, Executive Vice President of Outsell gave a riveting overview of the current state of information services. Total revenues of information services in 2010 were US$ 369bn. The industry had grown year by year by an average of 6% until 2007. As a result of the global financial crisis growth had stalled by 2008 and declined by 8.2% in 2009.

In geographic terms the Americas account for approximately 50% of total industry revenues. EMEA (Europe/Middle East/Africa) accounts for approximately 28% and Asia 22%. While growth has not recovered in the Western hemisphere, Asia‘s information services are currently growing at 7% p.a.

Steve Goodall’s message to our members was: Help your customers make money, save money, or mitigate risk. Develop platforms, not products. Invest in Web and customer analytics and perform at industry benchmarks or better.

To view Steve Goodall’s presentation click on the attachment:  Outsell State of Business Information 2011