Compliance management platform Ondato has released a new artificial intelligence-powered forensic system to detect spoofed ID documents and prevent them from being used in biometric matches during onboarding processes.

The new solution can spot altered photos and IDs, as well as deepfake videos taken by malicious actors in an attempt to confirm their identity by matching it to a photo on an ID document, according to the announcement. The anti-spoofing tool can also detect various combinations of attempts involving replays, reprints, image alterations, and physical spoofing.

“ID theft and fraudulent account openings are a major and growing problem for individuals and for financial institutions too,” says Ondato CEO Liudas Kanapienis“If banks can’t trust customers’ ID documents, then they can’t be confident they are complying with local and international regulations.”

Trusting ID documents as presented is increasingly risky with millions of records hacked each year, the company notes.  Most replay attacks, Ondato explains in a press release, are relatively easy to spot, as the video stream used in them often has edges or there are flickering patterns which reveal it is recorded, rather than live video.

Countering ID document alteration, on the other hand, is performed via font size and detection, as well as inconsistencies within an image’s compression and alterations as a result of attempted fraud.

Finally, Ondato’s new solution can spot physical spoofing by scanning documents’ surface to search for glued or printed images using image depth, registry data and unexpected shadows techniques.

The software is programmed to automatically and instantly detect attempts to submit altered documents attempting to bypass identification measures or spoof a biometric identity-proofing system while opening a customer account.

According to Ondato, the new anti-spoofing tool will enable banks and other financial institutions to take advantage of KYC (know-your-customer) processes with the highest available level of protection.

Ondato solves this challenge with new algorithms and machine learning that provide the most effective level of ID document checks currently available,” Kanapienis concludes.

The release of the new anti-spoofing solution comes weeks after Ondato announced the extension of its funding round by €3.6 million (US$4.2 million).

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Source:  Biometricsupdate