Online search marketing allows small companies to target specific customer segments in a focused way, without wasting resources.  The online medium is emerging as a preferred platform for SMEs to build their brands, as it allows small advertisers to approach niche target audiences innovatively, by spending less money and compete with the large advertisers on the same platform.  Sridhar Seshadri, Business Head, online sales operations at Google India, says, “SMEs contribute a significant portion of our ad sales revenue. We are seeing a good proportion of incremental spends from existing advertisers and there is a healthy growth in new SME advertisers signing up with us. A wide range of SMEs find value in advertising on the digital medium. They vary from car sellers to coaching institutes, chemical companies and stock brokers.”

SMEs are finding tremendous value in the online medium for multiple reasons. As this is a trackable medium, the SMEs know exactly what comes out of every rupee invested in it. They have tremendous flexibility in managing advertising campaigns, like changing budgets during season instantly, or targeting new markets around the world in minutes. In addition, SMEs can track business results (like sales) that flow from using this medium. And they are able to focus only on potential customers, leaving others out. Source:  Business Standard India

BIIA Newsletter October – 2009 Issue