More than two-thirds of online retailers say that proposed changes to EU data protection rules will damage business, according to a poll by Europe’s largest e-commerce association.  The European Commission has remained steadfast on its revision to the Data Protection Directive despite heavy lobbying from companies and the US, which have sought to water down the rules.

The survey by the European Multi-channel and Online Trade Association (EMOTA), which represents some 80% of EU online traders, may come as a further blow to EU hopes of keeping the strong data privacy reforms within the European Commission proposals.

For the survey, released yesterday (3 July), EMOTA asked 90 companies from the UK, Germany, Austria, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece and Spain to assess the impact of regulatory changes on their business.

According to the EMOTA survey, the companies polled fear that the rules will increase costs and negatively affect marketing and consumers’ experience of buying online.

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