November 20-21, 2012, Victoria Park Plaza Hotel, London, United Kingdom


Surviving and thriving in a chaotic and increasingly volatile global environment requires organisations to be far more agile and innovative than at any time in our recent history. We’ve moved from the industrial age to the age of knowledge, where competitive advantage is predicated on having the right talent, the best information and the ability to rapidly adapt and deliver. Collaborative technologies are enabling organisations to improve internal knowledge flows and extend the organisation’s reach to customers, partners, and suppliers through “networked enterprises”. According to recent McKinsey research[1], networked enterprises have been shown to deliver greater value through sharing and applying knowledge for decision-making, innovation, customer satisfaction and business success.

At the same time, the information deluge continues to provide confusion and opportunities in equal measure. Having the right information at the right time is the foundation for good decision-making; but we need new tools and new approaches in order to make sense of the data and information that threatens to overwhelm us.

This then, sets the scene for this year’s Online Information Conference, where information professionals have an opportunity to share their achievements, to learn from new ideas and showcase their products and services.

We want to hear from people and organisations that are using knowledge, information and technology in new and interesting ways. We are looking for exciting and innovative projects, leading-edge research and practical lessons learnt from the introduction of systems, tools and techniques that deliver value. We want to showcase people and organisations that are leading the way in how we generate, consume, share and make sense of information in an increasingly complex world.

Do you have a story to tell? If so Online Information 2012 is an opportunity to showcase your knowledge and experience to a global audience from over 40 countries.

For more information on the conference themes and making your submission please click on this link;  London Online Information 2012

Stephen Dale – Conference Chairman – Online Information Conference 2012

Latest update on The Online Information Conference: The organizers are advising delegates to sign up if they haven’t already, as passes are selling out. This limited availability has come about since Online Information reported a surge in delegate sign-ups in September, indicating a huge success for this year’s conference.

There have now been over 300 sign-ups to the conference, with a large mix of UK and International Delegates. Lorna Candy, Online Information’s content manager says, “It is without a doubt that our great success in delegate sign-ups is down to the new format of Online Information. By focusing heavily on producing an in-depth and topical conference programme and limiting the event to a compact exhibition for conference sponsors at the end of day 1, we have been able to produce a winning formula for delegates taking time out of the office.”

Delegates will be treated to an incredibly comprehensive agenda at this year’s event, tackling the most pressing issues and challenges facing online professionals both now and in the near feature. The agenda has now been completed, and incorporates keynote speakers; Cory Doctorow (Editor of the popular weblog ‘boing boing’, contributor to The Guardian, The NY Times, Publishers Weekly, and Wired Magazine UK) and Gerd Leonhard (Futurist and CEO of The Futures Agency , Switzerland)

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