Oniva SF00103LOGOOnvia, Inc. (www.onvia.com; NASDAQ: ONVI) announced it has significantly improved the timeliness of publishing bids and RFPs on a daily basis.  Onvia data shows that agencies have shortened the average response time allowed for bids and RFPs from 24 days to 19 days in the last eight months.

“The need for timely access to government bids and RFPs has never been greater with many public sector agencies shortening the average response time allowed. Onvia has responded quickly to these changing market conditions by investing in technology to accelerate the availability of bids and RFPs to our customers. Our customers can be confident now that Onvia will publish government bids and RFPs faster than any other service on the market today,” said Hank Riner, CEO of Onvia.  “In addition to providing timely government leads, Onvia is committed to building a suite of analytical tools to help companies maximize their investment in the public sector market.  We look forward to introducing these tools to the market beginning in the fourth quarter of this year,” said Riner.

About Onvia:  For more than 12 years Onvia, www.onvia.com, has been delivering the research, analytics and tools companies rely on to succeed in the $5.5 trillion government market. Onvia tracks, analyzes and reports the spending of thousands of federal, state and local government agencies, giving companies a single source for conducting open, intelligent and efficient business with government. Along with providing an exclusive suite of integrated business tools for a wide variety of industries, Onvia offers DemandStar, the automated system that streamlines agency procurement processes.

Source:  Prnewswire.com