Onvia Logo download (1)Clients save time by sending government sales leads directly into Salesforce with a single click

Onvia, Inc. the leader in government contracting business intelligence, announced today integration capabilities with Salesforce CRM. Clients can now easily export Onvia leads to Salesforce, enabling their teams to respond more quickly and efficiently.

Clients that use Salesforce asked for an easy way to track their government sales leads and ensure that their teams have convenient access to all the necessary project information in one system. Onvia’s product team developed this integration to give clients the simplest way of tracking their pursuits, measure win-rates and return on investment. As a result of this integration, Onvia is an essential partner for companies who have a vested interest in growing their government sales.

About Onvia
For over 15 years, Onvia (NASDAQ: ONVI) has been delivering the data and tools companies rely on to succeed in the government contracting market, and agencies rely on to streamline and improve the procurement process. Onvia tracks and reports the spending of tens of thousands of federal, state and local government agencies, giving companies a single comprehensive source for conducting business with government.

Source: Prnewswire.com