Fresh off the press is the Outsell CEO Topic ‘2011 Information Industry Benchmarks’, a must have information concerning the recent performance of information industry segments as defined by Outsell.

Here are some interesting points: 

  • Estimated revenue growth for 2011 (vs 2010) is 4.8%.  The industry range is from -20% to 300%
  • New product contribution in the past 18 month is 20 cents of every dollar.  Range is from 0 cents to 80 cents
  • Sales and marketing expense in percent of revenue averages 24%.  Range from 5% to 33%
  • Capital expenditures average is 3.5%.  Range from 1% to 19%
  • R&D expenditures in % of revenue average is 3.8%.  Range 0% to 30%

The report summarizes the results from Outsell’s 2011 annual benchmark survey of information publishers and providers. This survey exclusively focuses on the information industry and covers a range of important topics including company financial performance, staffing, compensation, field sales operations, mobile and technology priorities, and new product development. The report contains over 30 essential metrics along with Outsell’s analysis of these indicators, giving information industry leaders a useful yardstick for comparison with their own organization’s performance.

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