Since the launch of the IBM PC in 1981, when computing power came out of the air-conditioned closet and onto the desktop, content providers (aka “publishers” or “information service providers”) have wondered and philosophized about the contribution of their content to the working lives of business and professional people.  The Outsell report examines the current “workflow solutions” landscape, still in its very early stages, and scenarios for workflow-solution evolution and adoption. It emphasizes the importance for content providers of analyzing customer needs as opposed to simply publishing information and hoping “they will come” a la Field of Dreams. The report is intended to provoke discussion and analysis, and contains:

Analysis of features and implications of current successful workflow solutions. Examples of companies and products that are doing well in this field at this early stage.  Risks and opportunities for the content industry, based on Outsell’s value model for information services and solutions.  Models for workflow analysis.  Forecast timeline for workflow solution evolution and adoption through 2030 and essential actions for information providers and publishers.  To order this report go to the Outsell Website:

BIIA Newsletter June 2009 Issue