BIIA Co-founder member Outsell has published a report on the global market size of financial; credit; governance, risk, and compliance (GRC); and tax and accounting information and solution providers.  Outsell estimates the global revenues for these services were US$72.9 bn.

The quest to enhance data-driven decisions, regulatory compliance, and operational cost savings has brought these four market segments closer together through a series of workflow solutions and collaborative platforms while fueling healthy competition through innovation. Stakeholders in the financial, credit, GRC, and tax and accounting market will need to challenge themselves to think differently, change existing business processes to ensure survival and growth, and brace for disruption.

This report details the sizes, shares, trends, and forecasts of the market — and each of its segments and subsegments — as part of our annual update to show growth patterns and share shifts. It provides advice and essential actions for solution providers that want to increase revenue opportunities, attract new buyers, address geopolitical impacts, and achieve competitive advantage. Equally, it supports those who cover and need a greater understanding of the subject market, including its suppliers, investors, analysts, and journalists.

The report can be ordered at Outsell Inc.  – The price of the report is $2,595.00

Source:  Outsell Inc.