Outsell Inc. has released its study  “CEO Topics: 2012 Information Pricing Survey “

The overall picture from this year’s survey shows IM functions with relatively flat content budgets, or budgets increasing by only a few percentage points over the 2011 renewal cycle, coupled with a large proportion of vendors increasing prices. Our 2010 survey showed a similar picture. As Outsell highlighted last year, vendor portfolio managers continue to face tough decisions of what content to keep and what content is no longer worth the investment, as content budgets continue to lag or only just keep pace with price increases.

Respondents to this year’s survey reported an average IM budget of $2.8 million, a 3% increase over 2010. External content accounts for 38% of the total IM budget, which respondents forecast will hold steady into 2012. Respondents have an average of 27 contracts with external vendors, within a range as low as 12 and as high as 55. Most respondents do not expect this number to increase in the next year.

Survey respondents spend a majority of content budgets on digital content (69%), and expect this to increase to 71% in 2012. The comparatively higher number of respondents in the corporate segment is weighting the digital proportion, as both government and academic respondents report a lower percentage of digital content at 60% (Figure 3). All three sectors are spending less on print content, but this shift is happening more quickly in the corporate sector.

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