Outell logoTHE CHALLENGE: Getting information faster to be able to trade and invest more effectively is the name of the game. Customer expectations are high, as people expect more and better access and a broader scope of coverage. As providers try to streamline and close this value gap, it’s a constant challenge to gain market share with regulators so closely scrutinizing initiatives.

HOW THIS REPORT CAN HELP: Financial news and information providers can identify the market opportunities for both financial and non-financial verticals. They will also understand how social media, semantic search, and mobility are shifting consumption behaviors among users, enabling guidance on how best to capitalize in this rapidly evolving space.

WHY CARE:  The financial news and information market is estimated at $28.9 billion in 2012, growing at an average 7% annual pace.  It is slated to become $30 billion-plus by 2015, with content delivery innovation increasingly driving market shares. Signs of growth in emerging markets are taking hold, and investors are seeking to capitalize on the next wave of economic recovery. The time for providers to act is now.

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