Marketing services is a troublesome tease for publishers.  The questions heard in executives’ offices in 2012 on the subject are more frequently the skeptical “Why should we?” questions than the tactical “How do we?” Skepticism dominates. Compounding the already difficult decision making, everyone defines marketing services differently.

This report addresses these key questions: What is it? How big is the opportunity? Which publishers should pursue it? What are the critical steps for those who do? We also make clear that marketing services is not equal to custom publishing and is also not equal to content marketing. This report includes:

  • A market definition and overview, including pain points felt by advertisers, Outsell’s Marketing Services Spectrum, and an exploration of the marketing services low margin fallacy;
  • A survey of the players in the market, including masters of the mix, customer relationship partners, and providers of tools, services, and skills – mapped onto Outsell’s Marketing Services Spectrum;
  • Steps and decisions recommended to achieve success and growth in the marketing services market.

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