OUTSELL-CMYKBIIA co-founder Outsell Inc. has released a new CEO Topic, “CEO Topics: 2014 Outsell 50 Performance Rankings”

THE CHALLENGE: Investors in large information companies can only buy shares of an entire organization and not individual divisions operating in different segments. Overall performance is therefore the most important indicator of a company’s relative market position. And in a world of convergence, both investors and executives are increasingly concerned to benchmark companies not just against traditional information businesses but also against enterprise and consumer technology firms and the big beasts of the digital era.

OUTSELL CAN HELP: This report ranks the performance of top industry firms from 2011 to 2013 across four key metrics: revenue growth, EBIT growth, EBIT margin, and market capitalization growth. We compare 40 companies within the core information group, look at special factors and particular drivers, and contrast the core information group with 10 digital superstars from technology, social media, and e-commerce. A detailed look at the top 10 information performers and essential actions help investors and managers assess company standing and make informed decisions moving forward.

WHY CARE: Management teams can use this report to benchmark their performance, learn best practices from industry leaders, and improve execution on the corporate level. Boards and investors can use this research confidently to evaluate where companies stand among peers.

… and the winners are (top ten performers in terms of revenue growth (CAGR  2011 – 2013)

  • The Corporate Executive Board   17.3%
  • IHS, Inc.
  • MSCI inc.
  • TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company ASA
  • Ipsos SA
  • Moody’s Corporation
  • Gartner, Inc.
  • McGraw Hill Financial, Inc.
  • FactSet Research System, Inc.
  • Petroleum Geo-Services ASA

Link to this report – http://www.outsellinc.com/store/products/1257