Outsell 200x85Outsell has published its 2014 MARKET SIZE, SHARE, FORECAST, AND TREND REPORT on Financial, Credit, Legal and Governance, Risk & Compliance services. 

In this report, Outsell provides an in-depth view of the finance, legal, and governance, risk and compliance (GRC) landscape. Outsell highlights several segments, including financial solutions, credit solutions, legal and regulatory solutions, risk and compliance solutions, and tax and accounting solutions – all of which fall into this macro segment of the information industry.

This report includes detailed analysis of market trends and our forecast for segment growth and performance to 2017 in each of the major categories we cover. It is an essential read for solution providers in the finance, legal, and / or GRC management space, as it addresses challenges and opportunities in an increasingly converging environment between regulations and the financial, legal, and corporate markets today.

The demand for solutions in finance, legal, and GRC management demonstrated modest growth in the past year, from $111.4 billion to $116.3 billion (4.4%).  Outsell attributes this growth rate to several factors.  Regulators continued to challenge financial information providers on aspects of unfair data access and credit information providers on grounds of data privacy.  On the other hand, risk and compliance solution providers continued to see an uptick in multinational customers due to complex global regulations. Finally, major political changes around the world resulted in new, complex legislations that required legal explanation, from healthcare reforms in the US to new economic unions in Africa and Southeast Asia.

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