Outlook 2010:  A NEW DAWN, NEW DAY AND A NEW DECADE is the theme of the traditional Outsell 2009 year-end wrap-up.  The report contains:

  • Analysis of the three main trends that require information companies to make this the “Age of Experience” for end-users;

  • Outsell’s top 10 predictions for what will drive the Age of Experience – essential for publishers and information providers who want to succeed in a changing market;

  • 30 to Watch – Outsell’s annual list of innovators, disruptors, and companies that have succeeded in providing unique or exceptional user experiences, as examples for others to follow;

  • Outsell’s recommended essential actions for publishers and information providers to achieve growth by delivering superior user experiences.

The report can be purchased from www.outsellinc.com

BIIA Comment:  None of the ‘30 to Watch’ are BIIA members or major players in BIIA member industry space.  Only one company from Asia made the list:  BAIDU.com, because it is the leading contender to dominate China’s search market. One of Outsell’s essential action points is ‘Help Customers Make Money, Safe Money or Mitigate Risk’.  That action point is spot on, but given the severity of the economic crisis, could have been the first action point on the list.  Given the relative importance of this issue it is interesting to note that only Bloomberg made the list of the ‘30 to Watch’ as a company that is in the ‘risk mitigating’ business.  Perhaps industry players in the risk mitigation business (credit information) specifically, and business information in general, ought to ask Outsell as to why they are not on the ’30 to Watch’ radar screen.

BIIA Newsletter February 2010 Issue