Outsell 200BIIA Co-founder Outsell Inc. has issued a report “Outsell’s End-User Study “Financial Services Professionals”

Financial services professionals use various information platforms to speed decisions. The demand for high-quality data embedded into dynamic workflow applications is rising. Solution providers must understand these needs and align their offerings to ensure a perfect match in content and delivery.

This report analyzes the types of content that financial services professionals use most often and the devices on which they consume it. Information vendors will understand the challenges these professionals face in procuring reliable information and the types of content workers want integrated into workflows. Outsell’s essential actions help information providers tailor solutions to suit financial professionals and to reach customers who have purchasing power.

Financial services professionals seek timely and credible content, and they want solutions providers to make their lives easier. Vendors that integrate reliable information into easy-to-use workflow applications have a distinct competitive advantage – and tremendous opportunities for growth.

Link to this report – http://www.outsellinc.com/store/products/1242