BIIA C0-founder member Outsell has published a new type of report listing the data sources on Global Energy Markets, Ethical Sourcing, Agriculture and Farming and Government Spending and Sourcing.  The report stresses the importance of decision makers digging into alternative data sources to broaden their risk assessment capabilities.

2013-07-06 Outsell reportAccording to Outsell, the global business community is a fast-moving, dynamic environment.  Executives, marketers, and researchers who buy and use information are always looking to quickly access the best content in any number of emerging and quickly growing areas — areas that we call business information hot spots.  Additionally, growing populations of information solution providers are looking to boost their businesses or revenue models by expanding into data businesses, or by looking at new adjacencies in which to grow.

Searchers and researchers often perform a simple Google search to find information regarding a topic.  Outsell believes there is a plethora of available sources of information that they can tap into.  With all of the information available from new sources these days, we see some publishers looking to monetize their content by taking existing resources and attempting to create research reports and data sets on hot topics. Before leaping into the market, it’s helpful to understand all that is out there.

Outsell stated that it has received numerous inquiries over the past months about hot spots, and from those requests, we decided to take a deliberate approach to vet information hot spots for buyers and providers of information to better identify opportunity and solutions. This report aims to help these constituents stay proactive in identifying and fulfilling business and content requirements in emerging and fast-growing areas.

Outsell’s Key Takeaways and Essential Actions:         

Rapid technological advances and policy changes create a constant need for executives, marketers, and researchers to look ahead and figure out how, and where, to position their offerings so they see the biggest wins. Specifically, many look to capitalize on emerging industries, technologies, or hot spots that will shape the way we all do business in the future. Seekers of this information benefit from examining multiple sources.

Based on the identification of industry hot spots and the segmentation of multiple sources of information within each, Outsell emphasizes below the essential actions for buyers and vendors of information:

  1. Buyers of information benefit from looking at alternative sources outside of traditional ones.
  2. Vendors have vast M&A and consolidation opportunities.
  3. Competition comes from vendors and organizations anywhere along the value chain.
  4. Publishers and information providers must look before they leap as they expand and monetize their content.

Buyers of information benefit from looking at alternative sources outside of traditional ones.

As information becomes increasing available, businesses are taking a more active role in finding the correct sources of accurate information. The goal is to collect as much information as possible to construct an accurate, multi-faceted model of understanding. To benefit, searchers and researchers must extend beyond the simple Google search and traditional sources to find information regarding a topic.

Vendors have vast M&A and consolidation opportunities

On the one hand, Outsell sees an expanding universe of information providers. On the other hand, constant consolidation occurs through mergers and acquisitions. Quite often, a vendor who specializes in a space will fit nicely within a larger organization that is looking to offer deeper coverage of a topic. Many of the large, diversified players in this report have made multiple acquisitions in the past decade.

Source: Outsells Inc.  Marianne D’Aquila Sr. Market Analyst T. +1 978-810-9344

The report can be purchased from Outsell Inc.:  Outsell Store