Outsell Inc. has published its annual report on the 2007 market size and share report for the Credit and Financial Information Services (C&F) segment.  The following is a summary of Outsell’s findings:

In the past the C&F segment had always outperformed the other segments in terms of growth.  According to Outsell this performance continued in 2007 with an impressive 11% revenue growth.  The growth rate, however, includes an exchange rate gain of 3.4% from revenues generated by corporation domiciled outside the USA; hence growth rate is in the range of approx. 7.6% (before the impact of foreign exchange.

Outsell Inc. indicates that 40% of the segment’s revenue is generated in Europe and in Asia Pacific.  The resulting foreign exchange effect contributes approximately 3% to 4% of 11% of total growth.   It should also be noted that most of the growth originated in the first half of 2007 before the credit crunch hit.  Diversification, international expansion, acquisitions and foreign exchange saved the day for many of the major players.

Source:  Outsell Inc, a BIIA Co-founder Member

BIIA Newsletter July / August 2008 Issue