, India’s biggest marketplace for loans and cards, launched a campaign around its ‘Free Credit Report’ feature. is the only financial entity in India to offer customers a credit report along with monthly updates at absolutely zero cost. The free credit score feature on, built in partnership with Experian Credit Information Company, is easy, instant and it’s completely online.

An individual’s credit report reflects his creditworthiness and affects everything, from chances of getting a loan approved to lending rates to credit card limit. However, despite being a crucial indicator of one’s financial health, awareness around it is extremely low in India. According to a recent report, less than 15% Indians, residing in metros, are aware of their credit score.

Naveen Kukreja, CEO and co-founder,, said, “Ignorance around credit score and the relevance it holds in the lending process often leads people to approaching wrong banks and financial institutions for loans. Not only are the loan applications rejected, but their credit score worsens further. An individual’s credit score not only determines whether his loan application will be approved or not, but also decides the pricing of the loan. We, at, want to drive home the point that every individual should be aware of his credit score and constantly strive to improve it. Even if one doesn’t require a loan right now, doesn’t mean he will never have a lending need. Medical emergencies or future needs like buying a house, child’s education and marriage force people to look for loans. A poor credit score in times like these can lead to a crisis.”

The free credit score feature is a part of’s consumer awareness programme that has been built in line with its brand promise to make lending easier for India.

Source : PR Newswire