BIIA member Panjiva is proud to report that it has recently expanded its coverage of suppliers in the Western Hemisphere.  It added 50 million shipping records, covering trade in and out of several Latin American countries, to the Panjiva platform.

Through our partnership with ThomasNet, Panjiva users access to over 500,000 suppliers in the United States.

On China:  Josh Green, CEO of Panjiva offered his advice in how to enter China.  Expanding into China presents a huge temptation for businesses large and small, and has led to heartache for some that gave in to that temptation. At one time or other you’ve probably wondered: Is my business ready for China?

That was the question facing Panjiva, the B2B online marketplace whose name is a play on the Earth’s ancient single continent. The answer was yes. “We made the decision to open an office in China at the end of 2010…  We had an office up and running by the end of 2011, and today we have 18 people there, a third of our company’s head count.”

It’s an investment that’s paid off. “From nothing at the end of 2011, we’ve grown sales so that in the fourth quarter of 2012, 30 percent of new sales came from our China office,” Green says.

Nevertheless, he says, expanding into China isn’t right for every company. And even if it is right for yours, it won’t be as easy as you think. To make it work, you’ll need what he calls “The 3 Ps”:  Read more click on this link.