To support this shift in global trade, Panjiva have added Latin America to Panjiva’s comprehensive customs data package.

Panjiva have been rather outspoken recently that manufacturing is gradually transitioning away from China.  In addition to moving to other Asian countries, it will also be moving to Latin America.

For North American buyers in particular, Latin America is a viable option: Buyers can source closer to home, the logistics are simpler, and much of the infrastructure and expertise is already in place. In fact, according to an HSBC analysis, U.S. imports from Mexico may soon exceed U.S. imports from China.

Panjiva is constantly on the hunt for new data that will help make global trade more efficient and more transparent.  Last month, we announced a partnership with ThomasNet that finally put American manufacturers on Panjiva.  Latin American trade data for Chile, Colombia, Panama, Peru, and Uruguay have been added (with more Latin American countries coming soon).

Source:  Panjiva

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