Panjiva announces the launch of Panjiva’s Network View tool, a detailed, interactive visualization of trade networks.  The tool provides the fastest and easiest way to get a snapshot of a company’s entire trading network. To view the interactive networks, simply visit any Panjiva profile with customs data and click on the ‘Suppliers’ or ‘Customers’ tab and select the Network View on the left side of the page.

Panjiva Network View1

Once you open the Network View, you’re met with a true visualization of the relationships between companies. Customers are represented by blue circles and suppliers by yellow circles.  In this example, the customer –Veratex – is the anchor circle on the left. The number of shipments that have passed between two entities (buyers and suppliers) is graphically represented by the thickness of the line and the size of the circles. You can always see two tiers of trade relationships – in this case Vertex Inc., Vertex Inc. suppliers (Taipro), and other customers of Taipro.

Panjiva Network View2

In addition to providing a quick and easy-to-digest snapshot, the visualization is interactive. Click on any company in this trade network and a new Network View will form with that company as the new anchor circle. Click on Taipro, and suddenly you can see Taipro’s  customers and their suppliers.

Panjiva Network View3The Network View is flexible; it can show you as many as 20 partners and as few as one. It can be filtered by product to focus on a very specific supply chain within a network. Any configuration of a Network View can be downloaded as an image, to share in email and use in presentations. We built the Network View to give our users a beautiful, simple way to view trading partnerships. We hope that they will find the views helpful – and useful for communicating about trade. At this time the Network View is only available to Panjiva Enhanced subscribers and above. Want to see more? Contact and someone can provide an in-depth tour of the tool.

Source: Panjiva – a Member of BIIA