Powerlinx (1)CEOs across all business sectors agree that strategic partnerships are critical for any company looking to compete on a global scale. Smart companies see partnerships as a way to acquire customers, drive revenue and enter new markets. They also rely on partners for new ideas, insights and expertise that can impact business performance, market understanding and product innovation.

Despite the increasing need to develop partner relationships, most enterprises lack the knowledge, connections and management capabilities to realize the full potential of partnering. Many companies lack the formal strategies and expertise to identify and nurture the most beneficial relationships. As a result, almost all are seeking a new and better way.

2014-09-21 Powerlinx paperThe groundbreaking Grow from the Right Intro study by the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Council and Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network, in conjunction with Powerlinx, examines the role of strategic partnerships and alliances in driving growth, looks at the challenges experienced by many companies and discusses the ways firms can better identify, connect and do business with the right partner.

Powerlinx was created to solve the problem of identifying and connecting with valuable partners who may be outside of a known or existing network. While most executives realize the importance that strategic alliances and partnerships hold in their overall business growth strategy, many are limited by resources and timing allocated to pursuing them. Powerlinx overcomes these present-day obstacles by algorithmically identifying and connecting companies to each other, allowing each company to pursue its growth goals and objectives in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

Source:  Powerlinx