cribisSerious payment delays, which are one of the main indicators of the state of health of a company, are in decline.   Currently the percentage of serious delays equals 13,1%, a 14,4%  decrease compared to a year ago.

A good sign for Italy’s business system that has denoted a lower difficulty for companies to meet payment terms. In particular, 35,4% of companies is able to pay on time, while 51,5% within 30 days past due date.

This is what has emerged from the Payment Study, updated at the end of June 2016, an analysis conducted by CRIBIS D&B. Download now the complete analysis!

On territorial basis companies in the North-East of Italy are among the most reliable: 44,2% pays by due date while serious delays amount only to 7,6%. Opposite situation for the South & Islands, where only 22,4% of companies pay by due date, while 22,2% amount to serious delays. Positive performances are also registered in the North-West (41,3% of companies paying by due date, 8,8% corresponding to serious delays), intermediate situation for the Center of Italy (31,2% of companies paying by due date, 15,8% serious delays).

When looking at the single regions, Veneto gains first place in terms of prompt payments with 45,3% of companies paying by due date. Following, we have Emilia Romagna (45,2%) and Lombardy (45,1%). On the contrary, at the bottom of the ranking we find Sicily with only 19,1% corresponding to prompt payments while 23,9% corresponding to serious delays. Negative performances also for Calabria (20,4%) and Campania (20,8%).

On sectorial basis, critical remains the situation for the Retail sector: only 25,6% of companies operating in this sector are able to pay by due date, whereas 21,2% corresponds to serious delays. Opposite situation for the Financial sector where 45,8% correspond to prompt payments, while serious delays amount to 9,5%.

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Source:  CRIBIS News