Govalytics Offers Dynamic Intelligence for City and County Governments Across the USA

Penton’s Public Infrastructure group unveiled Govalytics, an intelligence tool that offers dynamic data and analytics for city and county governments across the USA.  Targeted to marketers selling services or products to local governments, this ground breaking proprietary SaaS tool has been created based on 100+ years of experience in the federal, state and local government sectors through American City & County, Government Product News and GoPro.  Govalytics helps sales and marketing teams focus their efforts, streamline their marketing dollars by providing recent and relevant analytics on city and county governments across the nation and plan for future trends and growth.  In addition, local governments can use Govalytics as a tool to benchmark themselves and compare processes with government counterparts.

The three main areas of Govalytics include:

  • Budgetary Data Analytics: tracks the data analytics for each local government including total expenditures, capital assets, long-term debt and budgets for the current year at the department level for accepted and actual budgets, providing an overall “bill of health” and operational efficiencies for each government. Offers five years of data providing historical trending and shows projections.
  • Top City Officials: includes contact information for city officials — from the mayor to the fire chief — and allows users to track who is in office and changes in leadership. Contact information for nearly 25,000 individuals are in the database.
  • Capital Project Data: includes project information for any current or future project – from a small re-paving project to a massive wastewater treatment overhaul – and gives projected yearly expenditures for future years within the projects.  This area will be available in Q1 2014.

The data is categorized into eight broad government functions: Public Safety; Public Works; Utilities; Planning and Development; General Government/Judicial; Education; Health and Human Services; and Parks/Recreation/Culture.  For example, the Parks/Recreation/Culture category includes Adult Recreation, Cultural Services, Forest Resources, Golf Course, Museums, Parks, Parks and Recreation, Recreation, Recreation Services and Youth Recognition.