PostalVision 2020/4.0 continues its thought leadership on April 10 – 11 at the Westin Hotel in Washington DC City Center. The two day conference will focus on Delivery Solutions and Digital Directions that will shape an industry for years to come.

Postal VisionOn the agenda a rather futuristic view of postal delivery by Drone.  “Pathways to a New Postal Paradigm” will include Matthew Sweeny of Australia who will perform a live demonstration of just how effective drones can be.  He will be joined by Andreas Raptopoulos, CEO of Matternet, who has a vision of drones being utilized for more than just the consumer’s convenience.   Parcel delivery is reshaping the postal system as E-commerce is expanding rapidly and PostalVision 2020 will explore customer driven models that include same day delivery and private-public partnerships.

Given a declining demand for letter delivery and the increasing demand for e-commerce driven parcel delivery, the postal residential delivery system is facing a critical challenge to serve growing consumer expectations for greater speed, privacy, security and trust.

Source:  Postal Vision 2020/4