Powerlinx200Powerlinx recently passed a milestone of 20,000 members and is continuing to grow at a rapid pace!

Here’s what’s happening in the Powerlinx community:

  • Each day, over 100 objectives are posted by our members
  • Over the last week, members from 29 countries representing 6 continents (come on Antarctica!) have signed up
  • In the past month, 3,000,000 companies have been added to the Powerlinx matching engine (that’s more than one company added every second)

About: Powerlinx is a New York based start-up which made its debut in 2014:  See background information on https://2018.biia.com/?s=powerlinx

Called the eHarmony for business by VentureBeat, Powerlinx is building a better way to develop business-to-business partnerships. In a recent study more than 75% of executives said strategic partnerships were vital to their growth but nearly half said they had trouble finding and connecting with the right strategic partner. Powerlinx is using Big Data and cutting edge technology to solve this problem.

In the process, we’ve created a platform that makes a once exclusive and expensive service available to businesses of all shapes and sizes, anywhere in the world.

Gone are the days of hiring business advisers and consultants to engage in a costly and time consuming search for businesses to collaborate with. Big data and powerful algorithms are disrupting the age-old process of business introductions. Finding and connecting with corporate partners has finally entered the Internet age.

At Powerlinx, we are at the leading edge of this change. Recognizing the limitations of the traditional business advisory model and the significant investment of time required to build successful strategic alliances, we have set out to transform the way businesses find and connect with each other. And at the forefront of our work is making sure that companies connect with only those best placed to deliver a real business outcome.

Powerlinx is building a better way to identify and connect with new strategic partners. We’ve brought years of leadership and expertise in B2B, SMBs and Big Data to create a platform where businesses can find new partners, be found by companies looking to grow and get inspiration for their next growth strategy – all based on hundreds of millions of data points.

Source:  Powerlinx