Analytics 200Powerlytics delivers trusted, actionable financial intelligence to manage risk and find growth opportunities for our clients’ businesses. Our products and services make it easy to create precise benchmarking and market-sizing reports, and to perform detailed economic, business and marketing research. This powerful information can be used to drive corporate strategy, discover potential markets, evaluate competitors and identify risks and trends in both the business and consumer sectors.

Powerlytics Market Intelligence Platform Powers Better Decisions

Powerlytics’ market intelligence platform provides the most comprehensive, accurate and granular consumer and business financial data available, underpinned by data derived from IRS* tax returns, as well as data from the U.S. Census and the Department of Labor. This one of a kind Big Data platform is made possible by proprietary algorithms developed from over a decade of academic research and work with various agencies.

Unlike survey-based data, which is often subjective, inaccurate and inconsistent, Powerlytics is the first and only market intelligence platform to access complete business and consumer financial data and transform it into actionable insights. Powerlytics’ data is complete and objective, and is able to be combined with your customer data for a comprehensive view, meaning you never have to settle for incomplete answers or approximations.

With the unparalleled insight and analytics that Powerlytics provides, businesses are able to answer critical questions more accurately, leading to smarter business decisions.