Forrester200It appears that in spite of the general notion about the commoditization of data Forrester Research says data’s value is on its way to be finally recognized in the shift in power from companies to customers.

For several years, Forrester Research has noted a shift in power from companies to customers.  Customers call the shots; they can and do transfer their loyalty when they are not well catered to with engaging customer experiences.  In 2014, the displacement of power from brands to customers will continue to heighten the increasing attention on data: its potential, its risk, and its value.  But this year, the value of data will become clearer and directly tied to its ability to drive customer value.  Here are Forrester’s seven predictions for the impact of data on enterprises in 2014:

  1. Big data matures into concrete projects – with mixed results
  2. Big data goes Cloud
  3. Data brokers proliferate in a new data economy
  4. Cognitive computing takes its first steps to commercialization
  5. The hype around data scientists will climax
  6. Data governance become more inclusive and extensive
  7. Enterprise information management remains just too big to plan around

The availability of data inside and outside the firewall and the plethora of creative opportunities to use it are changing how businesses operate.  By the end of 2014, we can be sure that computing and processing will be even faster and cheaper than they are today.  But what else will change this year?  In this report, Forrester offers predictions for big data, cloud, the data economy, cognitive computing, data science, data governance, and enterprise information management.  To access this report click on this link:   Predictions_2014__All_Thi

Courtesy Forrester Research By Holger Kisker, Ph.D. and Leslie Owens with Sharyn Leaver and Nancy Wang

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