Germany is on its way to become a role model for electronic Public Sector Information availability and compliance through new initiatives taken by the Ministry of Justice and the Bundesanzeiger Verlag, publisher of the official Federal Gazette. The focus is on migrating traditional printed content into electronic format deliverable in various forms over the Internet.

In Germany the primary sources for public sector information was the print based Federal Gazette or one had to visit  company registers, which were dispersed to more than 400 localities. Therefore, the recent initiatives to migrate from print to a centralized system to deliver structured register data is a significant improvement in public sector information availability. Furthermore, the creation of an electronic database of structured financial statements and the ease of integrating such data in end-users systems can be regarded as a major milestone in public sector user friendliness and a significant improvement in transparency. With the migration from print into digital media, the Bundesanzeiger has become a digital public sector utility for transporting legal and register information to end-users. By mining legal and corporate data from its vast data pool it now on the way to become a value added supplier of business information in Germany. To read the full story visit:

BIIA Newsletter April – 2007 Issue