The most telling sign of the changes powering and battering the B2B Trade Publishing & Company Information B2B) segment is the shift in the percentage of revenue from print to electronic information delivery.   The segment’s aggregate percentage of revenue from print fell from 58.3% in 2003 to 40% in 2008. Over the same period, electronic revenues rose from 18% to 33.9% of segment revenue. This report provides research and analysis about the top 44 companies in B2B, including which companies have shifted their revenue mix, which have not, and how the companies stack up against the new industry benchmarks for the share of electronic revenue. The report includes:  A detailed table showing the 44 companies’ revenue mix in 2005-2007 and identifying leaders and laggards in the shift toward more electronic revenue.  Analysis of which companies are leading in the growth of electronic revenue.  A market overview, including key print, electronic, and events revenue shift trends.  Analysis of methods used to aggressively grow electronic revenue.  Essential actions for publishers and information providers that want to advance digital transformation and create revenue opportunities, attract new buyers, and increase their competitive advantage.  To order this report go to the Outsell Website –

BIIA Newsletter June 2009 Issue