Fatemeh-KhatiblooHong Kong October 30th 2015: Fatemeh Khatibloo, Principal Analyst of Forrester Research told a stunned BIIA audience that when it comes to privacy consumers simply don’t trust us. They don’t trust government, and only 55% of them actually trust their BANKS to keep their data safe! That was a shocking revelation.

Her recommendation to the BIIA membership was to use the Contextual Privacy Concept.

Contextual Privacy 200Fatemeh serves Customer Insights Professionals, with a focus on the shifting consumer data ecosystem, including how privacy issues impact marketing and how customer preference centers improve engagement. Her seminal research on Personal Identity Management (PIDM) describes how consumers will soon manage the sharing of their personal data with each other and with businesses. Her report, “Adaptive Intelligence,” further defines a framework for privacy-compliant data sharing between organizations to gain insight, reduce risk, and increase profitability.

Fatemeh is focused on privacy, identity, CI services, CI strategy, data monetization, data sharing, adaptive intelligence, and consumer preference.

Fatemeh’s research has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, AllThingsD, CNBC, and AdAge. She has contributed to the Harvard Business Review and Financial Times, provided commentary on NPR and the BBC, and been credited in the World Economic Forum’s “Rethinking Personal Data” report.  She is a frequent speaker at industry and client events, including SxSW, DataWeek, and PrivacyIdentityInnovation.

BIIA thanks Forrester Research for organizing this session.Forrester-Research-Inc.-logo

To download the full presentation click on this link: BIIA FINAL Forrester On Privacy