Quote of the WeekBIIA’s chairman David Worlock and BIIA’s Deputy Managing Director Phil Cotter have gone to bat on the intrusiveness of ‘big brother’ government (not just the US) in spying on its and other countries’ citizens.  David Worlock’s ‘thoughts from the bottom of his garden’ and Phil Cotter’s comments make interesting reading.

The discussion can be found on VBZV is about to get you ….

The VZBV being the German Federation of Consumer Organizations. 

While the recent US revelations should not be a surprise to anyone, the public outcry last week, particularly in Germany last week, may give an indication that the fronts on the current data protection debate in Brussels will further harden, making it more difficult for our industry (not to forget credit grantors) to prevent unreasonable regulations.  Indications are that certain EU members persist to refuse any reasonable compromise.  The recent revelations could therefore further harden their resolve.

Within this context we thought that David Worlock’s quote of the week was highly relevant.