Personalization has many benefits for B2B marketers, from building lasting customer relationships to driving long-term revenue.

It is also a particularly important issue in an era when audiences are bombarded with content across channels and devices, both in their personal and professional lives. In this climate, messages or offers must be, at the very least, relevant to the recipient. In the past, B2B marketers addressed personalization by creating buyer personas, representations of their ideal consumer based on demographic data.

The challenge is that persona-level targeting does not address some key factors in the buying and decision-making process. While a persona may capture the essentials of who a prospect is, it does not delve into the specific drivers of a purchasing decision. For marketers, psychographics is transforming the ability to relate truly relevant messaging to an audience. This methodology enables marketers to understand behavior using data to reveal desires, and even to predict future needs.

Introduction As B2B marketers, you need to understand the behavior, the emotions, and the motivations that drive your customers to purchase products. This is where psychographics comes into play.

This whitepaper will explain how psychographics can be used to attract the right leads and provide them with valuable solutions at the perfect time.

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