The German public sector information publisher ‘Bundesanzeiger-Verlag’,  who is responsible for distribution of company registration data and financial statements for German companies is now competing with the private sector by offering a range of value added services and data management tools:

1)     Company profiles: Names and addresses of 1.2 million companies including data elements such as number of employees, management and communication details

2)     Company Radar:  Alert service comprising of changes in registration data up to 100 companies.  Notification will be sent by e-mail

3)     A benchmark tool which allow a company to compare itself against competitors using diverse criteria such as number of employees, revenue, by industry or region

4)     News services with references to industry or economic news items

The four services offer is geared towards small and medium sized companies.  Information is provided on a flat fee basis of Euro 90 per annum.   Source:  Password Germany

BIIA Newsletter March II – 2010 Issue