ArachnysDirector and Ownership Information now Available for Free

Companies House UK released a beta version of its new online service allowing access to all of the agency’s public data free of charge. This will provide immediate access to names of directors, secretaries and documents revealing shareholder information – data for which users in 2013/2014 had to spend a total £8.7m.

Earlier last month, the central Danish business registry also published names of owners and shareholders for 245,000 companies. Both services have been integrated into Arachnys’ due diligence products and are accessible for all users.

“Both the Danish and new UK corporate information portals are good examples of the trend of governments opening up their data: Denmark continues to be a champion in transparency and the new Companies House service is a great advancement in the UK government’s aim to establish a truly open register of business information” as per Annegret Funke, Arachnys

Source: Arachnys