Early December 2015  Purse.IO received a $1M seed round from Digital Currency Group (DCG). Purse plans to use this new funding to continue building our Bitcoin Powered Amazon Integration which allows subscribers to shop on Amazon with Bitcoin.

Purse.IO offers discounts to users who spend in bitcoin. Users may also purchase bitcoins from the service by using their credit cards. The company is part of the Bitcoin Exchanges category of the Bitcoin scan.

Purse is a marketplace that connects shoppers with unused gift cards. Shoppers pay with bitcoins at a huge discount, and Earners liquidate gift cards.

This is what the company says about itself: 

  • A blank canvas to write new rules for financial services
  • Liberate the world and replace the U.S. Dollar.
  • Do things PayPal can’t do.
  • Beat Amazon on value. Everyone wants to buy bitcoin. But not everyone has a bank account.  Here are a few quick ways for anyone to buy bitcoin without a bank account:

This is how they say one can buy and trade Bitcoins:

  • io – At Purse you can buy bitcoin just by shopping for others on All you do is create an account, select a wishlist, place your order and when the items arrive, you get paid in bitcoin.  You can use your credit card or Amazon gift credit to buy bitcoin on Purse by shopping for others.  It’s really just that easy.
  • com – At LocalBitcoins you can buy bitcoin by finding someone to trade with, meeting them in person, and then buying bitcoin. It’s a pretty simple system, if you are interested in buying bitcoin face to face.**Please Note:  Both Purse and LocalBitcoins use an escrow system to guard against fraud.  As long as you do not release the escrow, you can cancel your order for a refund.**bitcoin atms
  • Bitcoin ATM – To buy bitcoin from your local Bitcoin ATM, just locate one on the Bitcoin ATM Map. Be sure to check the hours of operation and contact the operator to ensure the machine has some bitcoin in it.  Bitcoin ATMs are popular and known to run out of coins.  Bitcoin ATMs come in two basic varieties:
    • Two Way ATM’s which allow you to buy and sell Bitcoin, but usually require an ID and self portrait.
    • One-Way ATM’s which only allow you to buy Bitcoin, but do not require identity documents.Just so long as there’s a bitcoin ATM near you, buying Bitcoin from a Bitcoin ATM is probably the simplest way to buy bitcoin without a bank account.
    • However, there are many other ways to buy bitcoin without a bank account, can you share any other ways to buy bitcoin in the comments section? And remember, once you’ve bought bitcoin you can use it to Shop on Purse where you can Save 20% off!  Just for spending bitcoin!