Qarar, a leading regional credit risk and decision analytics company and subsidiary of SIMAH, the Saudi Credit Bureau, has announced a new partnership with Eureka, a cutting edge company in the field of telecom data and artificial intelligence.  Qarar and Eureka will work together to build and offer data driven solutions to banks and other financial institutions in the areas of credit risk and customer acquisition, leveraging telecom data to enable increased customer access to finance and insurance products.

This partnership brings a unique combination of Qarar’s credit scoring expertise and Eureka’s telecom data based products and aims to drive projects with leading financial institutions in the Middle East and GCC.

Zaid Kamhawi, CEO of Qarar, commented: “The ability to harness insights from more diverse data pools holds the promise of reducing losses and increasing revenues. Eureka’s advanced analytics and artificial intelligence develops unique customer insights leveraging telecom behavioral and location data. Access to such exclusive insights always adds more business value for our customers. This partnership offers readymade solutions for banking, finance and telecom companies combined with Qarar’s credit risk and data analytics expertise to bring unique competitive edge in risk management and campaign management”Benjamin Soemartopo, CEO of Eureka, commented: “Eureka enables partnerships between mobile operators and financial institutions.  We are delighted to partner with Qarar with our products for the financial sector to unlock growth and increased access to finance in the Middle East and GCC region”

Source: Zawya