Qarar, the region’s leading advanced analytics company, announces the expansion of operations in Saudi Arabia with the opening of its office in the Kingdom.

This growth is in line with the company’s long term strategy and vision to be close to its key customers in Saudi Arabia, in order to better serve them. The opening also demonstrates Qarar’s commitment to a booming Saudi market. The new office of Qarar is located in Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia is at the peak of transformation to meet its Vision 2030 goals, of which the financial sector is a key factor. Saudi Vision 2030 aims to increase localization and diversify economic growth through real-time and future-proof insights and decision making based on new digital business models. With its local presence, Qarar will be able to quickly meet and support dynamic new initiatives in the banking, insurance, government, SME and other sectors.

In a statement, Swaied Alzahrani, Chairman of Qarar and CEO of Saudi Credit Bureau (SIMAH), commended the move and said “Qarar has been a key success factor for SIMAH in the past 5 years. As our data analytics arm, Qarar has been instrumental in ensuring our members get maximum value from our suite of value added services. With the new Qarar office launch in Saudi Arabia, we believe that value will be multiplied and continue its strong growth trajectory.”

The move for a local base comes as a step to meet rising demand for advanced analytics in financial services and other industries serviced by Qarar. The office is poised to provide complete delivery of Qarar’s advisory analytics and software offerings. In addition to Qarar’s services for analytics and consulting, several customers in the Kingdom are actively using Qarar’s decision analytics software. The team based in Riyadh will be fully operational and quickly available for local support and engagement in numerous on-going projects.

“Launching Qarar’s new office in Riyadh upscales our ability to be closer to our biggest market, meet customer requirements in an accelerated timeframe and deliver superior post-sales support in advanced analytics. As advanced models and decision management solutions became a key part of the decision making process, businesses will require closer and more frequent support to make sure these solutions continue to deliver at the required levels.” said Zaid Kamhawi, CEO of Qarar.

As SIMAH’s data analytics arm, Qarar’s Saudi office enhances the synergy between Qarar services and SIMAH’s value-added products in a timely manner, as the need to unlock value from big data bureau data increases exponentially.

About Qarar

Qarar is the region’s leading Decision Analytics company specialized in offering consulting, decision analytics and software technology to deliver tailor-made customer management and process automation solutions. Headquartered in Dubai and serving customers across the Middle East and North Africa, Qarar helps its clients solve business challenges and achieve sustainable business outcomes. We achieve this across the customer lifecycle by employing the right mix of predictive analytics, and market experience-based advisory and decision technologies. Qarar’s expertise spans Strategy, Pricing, Credit Risk Management, Marketing and Sales Analytics.