lim-joe-lim-aventionBy Joe Lim, Director, Australia & New Zealand, at Avention OneSource Solutions

Digital customer experience is one of the big topics in the B2B space at the moment. And while many businesses are investing heavily in customer experience by appointing CXOs, a lingering belief that B2B lags B2C in this issue is holding many organizations back.

A quick glance at any jobs website will reveal a whole host of job titles that didn’t exist ten or even five years ago. One we see more and more is CXO – Chief Experience Officer, a role that oversees the customer experience throughout the entire sales life-cycle and is deemed so critical to an organization’s success that he or she sits at C-suite level.

Most still believe B2B lags B2C:  To read the full story click on this link:  raise-your-expectations-of-the-b2b-digital-customer-experience