Referral NetworksReferral Key(R) Inc. “The world’s largest referral network” today announced they have integrated with Constant Contact(R), Inc. (NASDAQ: CTCT) as a technology partner.

Referral Key®, Inc. “The world’s largest referral network” announced they have integrated with Constant Contact®, Inc. (NASDAQ: CTCT) as a technology partner.  The integration will bridge Referral Key’s small business social media platform for referrals with Constant Contact’s award winning email marketing tools. Referral Key members are now able to seamlessly use Constant Contact’s email marketing tools and showcase a Constant Contact badge on their public Referral Key profile, boosting credibility and differentiating themselves among the wider Referral Key business community. Referral Key will be featured in Constant Contact’s MarketPlace, an online app store that connects small businesses with tools and services that enable them to work faster and make smarter marketing and business decisions.

“This is a landmark collaboration,” said, Lewis A. Weinstein, Referral Key’s CEO. “No matter what the industry, small businesses and service professionals know that referral networking and effective email marketing are essential to growing a client-base in today’s competitive market. To bring the two most innovative names in each discipline into a seamless integration that utilizes the power of social media and email marketing technology is unprecedented.”

For Referral Key members, referrals are the single most important source of new clients. They understand that a qualified referral from another professional they know and trust is the single most effective way to grow their businesses. Referral Key is constantly receiving positive feedback from its community but is also hearing that there is a desire for new ways to reach clients and referral colleagues.

“There has always been a gap between social media platforms like Referral Key and email marketing platforms like Constant Contact and the new “SYNC” feature will help bridge this gap,” said Referral Key’s Christopher Ott, Director of Social Media.

When members SYNC directly from their Referral Key profile, they are leveraging information and assets they’ve already developed on Referral Key and instantaneously creating a Constant Contact profile. From their Referral Key profile, members can access tutorials and get help from a Constant Contact coach on setting up email marketing campaigns. The official Constant Contact badge will also appear on Referral Key member’s public profile giving members who SYNC a leg-up by telling the entire community of professionals that they are using Constant Contact to keep their network warm and up-to-date. Credibility is king on Referral Key and members who differentiate themselves are highly sought after by other potential referral partners who would like to begin exchanging qualified leads.

“When companies integrate with Constant Contact through our open API, they help us arm our small business customers with all the tools they need to be successful. We’re joining forces with other products and services that small businesses already use–everything from CRMs and payment processors to tools for content creation and list growth,” said Will Yapp, vice president, business development, Constant Contact. “Referral Key’s Sync feature aligns perfectly with this goal. We look forward to working together to help drive small business success.”

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Referral Key claims to be the largest referral networking platform, helping over 3.5 million small business professionals worldwide manage and expand their trusted referral relationships of over 20 million connections more effectively to increase sales and differentiate themselves from their competition.

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