Mike Bradford, BIIA’s Expert Adviser on Privacy and Regulatory Affairs reports on key regulatory matters.  Below are a number of topics which may be of interest to our membership:

  • Anonymisation code:  The UK Information Commissioner’s Office has published a code of practice on managing risks associated with anonymisation emphasising how to protect the privacy of individuals.
  • Justice Committee Report on new Regulation: The UK’s Justice Committee has published its third report on the draft Data Protection Regulation stating that it needs to “go back to the drawing board”.
  • The Leveson report:  ‘What Price Privacy?’ and ‘What Price Privacy Now?’
  • Irish Data Protection Office investigates potential credit report data breach:  Experian is being investigated by Irish Regulators regarding breaches of the company’s databases.
  • Update on the European Union data protection framework

To read the full report click on the link: 1212-newsletter

Mike Bradford can be reached at:  mike.bradford@regulatorystrategies.co.uk