Here are the latest headlines courtesy Regulatory Strategies UK:

ICO 2012/2013 annual report

  • The Information Commissioner’s Office published its annual report during June. The ICO has stated that the next year will see organisations recognise the need to handle customer data properly – only 10% of organisations understood the legal limitations of how they can use personal information.

Data Profiling:

  • The Article 29 Working Party has produced an advice paper including its suggestions for the new data protection law around data profiling. It attempts to offer ‘middle ground’ between the EU’s current proposal for regulation and the European Parliament’s proposals.

ICO Demands more Resources:

  • Christopher Graham, the Information Commissioner, has stated that the draft EU data protection regulation would impose so many new tasks on the regulator that it would not be able to cope with current funding or, with less income, should the current income from notifications be removed.

EU Data Protection Proposal:

  • Regulatory Strategies provides an EU update from a Regulatory Strategies’ partner, Newgate Public Relations, in Brussels, and provides an insight into the progress of the EU’s draft data protection regulation.

To read the full report click on the link:  Regulatory Strategies June-13-newsletter

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