bradford 300Regulatory Update October 2014 courtesy of Mike Bradford, BIIA’s Expert Adviser on Privacy and Regulatory Affairs.

Surveillance camera code of practice

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office has issued a revised code of practice for users of surveillance cameras warning that they should only be used where necessary and in a proportionate manner

Fines for nuisance calls and texts

The UK government has announced that it wants to make it easier for the Information Commissioner’s Office to fine companies that make nuisance calls or send spam text messages. The ICO has been lobbying for this for some time.

International enforcement co-operations

An international conference of privacy commissioners has taken place and has agreed to improve international enforcement cooperation when regulators investigate data breaches. Difficulties have been experienced in the past where data breaches have affected individuals from different localities.

UK Data protection fees

The proposed Data Protection Regulation will result in the cessation of the need for companies to notify the Information Commissioner’s Office of data processing on an annual basis. However, it appears the fee (currently £35 for most organisations) will remain.

EU Data Protection Update

In the attached document there is an EU update from a Regulatory Strategies’ partner, Newgate Public Relations, in Brussels, and provides an insight into the progress of the EU’s draft data protection regulation.  The progress on the Data Protection Regulation has been at a steady pace so far but it changed to a gallop last month.

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Source:  Mike Bradford, Founder of Regulatory Strategies and BIIA’s Expert Adviser on Privacy and Regulatory Affairs.  Mike Bradford can be reached at: