This intensive one day forum which took place on March 24th 2011 in Hong Kong addressed a number of key issues of interest to both users and information professionals.  In the Forum members and guests discussed the current state of business information markets, both globally and regionally and discuss the availability and reliability of financial and legal information in Asia.                     

Klaus Pfeifer, managing director of Thomson Reuters Hong Kong Ltd. spoke about the legal environment and legal information services in Asia.  He pointed out that companies are being challenged by an increasing amount of new regulatory pressures and changes.  For instance there are 12,000 regulatory updates annually.  More than 50+ regulatory updates per day and 620,000+ SEC filings coming from more than 200 countries.  Enforcement actions are at a record high, 4 times increase in UK and US.  The impact is going beyond financial institutions and companies are confronted by a high variation in legal frameworks which differ significantly on the dimensions “efficiency” and “independence” 

Thomson Reuters answers to these challenges lie in ‘E – workflows and collaboration’ which means that search is more efficient.  There is a decisive shift to higher value work.  The uses of mobile devises are taking hold.  Relationships matters – social media has become a business Information source.

To access the PPT file click on the attachment:   BIIA LEGAL BUSINESS INFORMATION 24 3 2011 KP