RiskmaIn April we wrote about a RiskMa Argentina, a new startup in credit information.  The company appears to be progressing notwithstanding current precarious credit conditions in Argentina. 

Recently the company announced the launch of new services:

  • Business Credit Reports:  From the United States of America, Latin America and the Caribbean.  RiskMa work with affiliates and partners throughout America to deliver fresh, reliable credit reports.  Riskma® reports are competitively priced and are designed according to each client’s requirements.
  • Debt Collection Services for Latin America:  RiskMa works with local attorneys specializing in debt collection.  RiskMa provide efficient, reliable and flexible solutions to recover international debts throughout Latin America.   Its main principle is to recover debt through negotiation and avoid going to court.  Negotiation is a central part of our strategy and legal proceedings come as a last resort.
  • Site Visits to companies in Mexico and Argentina:  For special orders, RiskMa include site visits to companies located in Mexico and Argentina.

RiskMa stated that it has a team of experienced credit analysts, translators and attorneys who ensure high quality, comprehensive reports.  RiskMa works closely with clients on issues concerning risk assessment, accounts receivables and debt collections.

Source:  RiskMa Solutions