The use of internet banking on a computer has fallen for the first time, as users switch to mobile apps.

On average, customers logged on to banking websites 4.3m times a day in 2015, down from 4.4m in 2014, according to the British Bankers Association (BBA).  At the same time the use of apps – on phones and tablets – went up from 7m logins a day in 2014, to 11m last year.

In total, customers used such apps 4bn times in 2015, the BBA said. “Customers love the new technology that is allowing us to bank round the clock,” said Anthony Browne, the BBA’s chief executive. “You can set up standing orders while standing in the queue for the bus and check your balance while checking in at the biia-cyber-sceruity-adairport.”  However, when it comes to actual payments, people are still more likely to use a computer rather than an app.

Source: Cyber Security Intelligence