Rocketfuel 94338_HZ-LOGO-TAG-RGB-300x100Rocket Fuel Inc. announced that Merkle’s DataSource digital segments are now available through the Rocket Fuel platform to drive higher performing marketing outcomes for marketers and agencies.

“Rocket Fuel’s Moment Scoring technology, combined with Merkle’s highly predictive and descriptive DataSource segments, enables us to offer smarter ad campaigns that are informed by more precise audiences and ad targeting,” said James Huang, vice president, global alliances and channels, Rocket Fuel. “At Rocket Fuel, our focus is on helping to ensure our platform ingests the highest caliber data so that  we’re able to output highly targeted, high performing campaigns and drive improved marketing outcomes.

Merkle’s DataSource is an industry-leading national customer marketing database that transforms the best performing data into addressable segments created from unique offline data aggregation that is accurate, predictive and actionable. Leveraging Merkle’s DataSource, powered by data and analytics from the offline marketplace, Merkle’s top-performing consumer segments are now accessible within Rocket Fuel’s Programmatic Marketing Platform. The Rocket Fuel platform features Moment Scoring technology, which is designed to learn the critical predictors of what makes one marketing action more likely than another in a particular moment, and to improve campaigns accordingly in real time.

Source:  Rocket Fuel Press Release